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Intercultural Group is a management consulting firm based in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. We specialize in cross cultural training , cross cultural coaching and cross cultural consulting.

Our focus is human resources training and development and we have done projects for many global organizations including: Costa Cruises, Electrolux, Ermenegildo Zegna, GE Healthcare, and Georgetown University,plus some fantastic small businesses. We work in four different languages: Italian,  English, French and Spanish.

We have pioneered a new approach to cross cultural training we call:intercultural intelligence® which we developed to address your cross cultural challenges while dramatically increasing ROI. You can see our past projects to discover how our methodology can improve your bottom line.

We are part of a global network of consulting firms, and our clients span from key individuals to large multinational corporations spread across the globe.

Our vision: doing 21st century business without borders

Our mission: to empower organizations, teams, and key individuals to be successful with people from other cultures, at home and abroad, while tapping into unprecedented global opportunities.

We achieve this mission in a number of ways:

Our differentiation: our unique interdisciplinary Intercultural Intelligence® methodology is based on leveraging cultural similarities to create synergy, NOT on “dealing” with cultural differences.

Our methodology:

At Intercultural Group we believe improving mutual understanding, tolerance and respect among the national cultures of our planet results in global prosperity and world peace.

We believe the 21st century is one of the most exciting times in the history of human kind. Thanks to the Web and new technologies, barriers such as time and space are not obstacles anymore.  Never before it’s been so easy and inexpensive to reach out for international clients, suppliers and partners, exchanging ideas and chartering new markets.

We measure our success by our contribution to your success.

We get to work withamazing clientsand have fun while we are at it.