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Why Intercultural Intelligence?

  • 75% of all international ventures fail due to cross cultural issues.
  • Up to 50% of all expatriates international assignments end prematurely, costing US organizations between $250,000 and 1.2 million each time. The collateral damage inflicted on customer relationships, credibility and profit is beyond estimate.
  • 40% of multinational teams fail to attain their objectives.
  • An undisclosed figure of corporate training programs delivered to multinational employees across foreign branches fail to achieve the expected results.

Considering organizations select for these tasks their top performers, how do we explain these dissatisfying results? And how can we reverse them? We have researched and developed the Intercultural Intelligence® model to provide effective answers to these questions. Learn more about our Services

A Paradigm Shift

The most common request we receive from our clients is to provide culture specific training for the target nation they need to interact with. We are always delighted to deliver such training programs. Nevertheless, it is important to keep in mind that knowing the cultural Do’s and Don’ts, while being useful, does not insure success across borders. The intercultural intelligence® model reverses a paradigm. Each national culture has innumerable nuances and differences within its own country that make it unlikely to be able to anticipate all the possible cross cultural scenarios. While those guidelines can be useful, they work best if complemented with what you really need: global mindset. Think of it this way: knowing the cultural do’s and don’ts is your map, the intercultural intelligence model is your compass. If you are lost, a map is of little help if you don’t know where you stand.

The ICIQ Model

Intercultural Intelligence® (#ICIQ on Twitter) is an intuitive model based on universal principles that empowers you to connect and synergize with any culture of the world by implementing 3 simple steps. These guidelines are exemplified in our programs with real world business scenarios and translated in practical, actionable advise with the support of best practices from our experience in working with our international clients. Our approach is not about “dealing” with cultural differences. It’s about embracing cultural differences to synergize and implement the cultural factor into the decision making process. ICIQ is about how you can develop a global mindset and tap into unprecedented 21st century opportunities for business and career growth by focusing on similarities among cultures. We can teach you how to leverage similarities as a powerful platform to unlock synergies, bridge gaps, earn trust and establish long-lasting, fruitful relationships.

How Can My Organization and I Benefit

From Intercultural Intelligence® ?

Mastering the art of interacting with people from other cultures is the ultimate competence for the 21st century.

Here are some:

  • Learn how to reach out, connect and engage your multinational clients and partners
  • Learn how to effectively lead and collaborate with your multinational team members
  • Learn how to thrive when working as an expatriate on an international assignment
  • Learn how to design and deliver training programs for multinational attendees
  • Learn how to address multinational audiences when speaking abroad
  • Learn how to use Intercultural Intelligence strategies to negotiate with multinationals
  • Learn how to successfully market your products or services internationally
  • Learn how to successfully manage a multinational workforce
  • Learn how to effectively communicate with multinational partners and earn their trust