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You and your company face the cross cultural challenges of operating in the global economy of the 21st century.

At Intercultural Group we have developed the Intercultural Intelligence® Model with your needs in mind. Our revolutionary approach to cross cultural training provides you with the knowledge, the competences, and the tools you need, to successfully work, communicate and do 21st century business with ANY culture of the world.

Through our seminars, coaching and consulting we transform individuals and the culture of organizations in order to foster a global mindset, empowering new hires through top executives to thrive across cultures with intercultural intelligence®.

 Learn How to:

  • effectively collaborate with your multinational team members, face to face and remotely
  • thrive when working as an expatriate on an international assignment
  • successfully design and deliver training programs for multinational attendees
  • address multinational audiences when speaking at international meetings and conferences
  • use Intercultural Intelligence® strategies to negotiate with multinational counterparts
  • successfully manage a multinational workforce
  • use Intercultural intelligence® to design your web presence and attract international visitors