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The Need: Raising the level and effectiveness of cross cultural communication between local and multinational company employees while fostering cooperation among team members. Our Solution: We designed a series of training programs tailored to increase intercultural awareness and provided multinational team building sessions indoor and outdoor.

The Need: Complementing Master students’ curriculum with the intercultural education training required to face the cross cultural issues of the global economy of the 21st century. Our Solution: Our signature Intercultural Intelligence® series provided the appropriate kind of highly interactive presentation and engaging workshop required.

The Need: Equipping company executives with the cross cultural management skills needed to carry out international assignments in Asia. Our Solution: We designed for them a cross cultural coaching program specifically focused on two main areas: cross cultural conflict management and cross cultural negotiation skills.

The Need: Boosting high end sales force effectiveness by improving multinational customers’ relationship management. Our Solution: we delivered a series of workshops built around two core concepts: cross cultural negotiation styles and cross cultural connections.

The Need: Providing an homogeneous delivery across four different European countries of an effective customer relationship management workshop. Our Solution: We designed and delivered the workshop in four different languages and tailored it to fulfill the specific intercultural learning differences and needs of the trainees.